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Poland in the UN

Citizens of every country in the world deserve to live without fear for their safety and their loved ones. Dozens of years of work by people who thought similarly resulted in the creation of the United Nations in 1945. Poland, as one of the founding states, has been active in it since its inception, supporting other members in implementing the provisions of the United Nations Charter; among others, Poland was the initiator of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child by presenting her first draft, and in the term of 2018 - 2019, for the 6th time Poland is a member of the Security Council.


As people devoted to the idea of ​​an integrated international community, cooperating in achieving common goals and maintaining peace, we would like to help our state and add our own brick to the enormity of work. We encourage you to subscribe to our regular newsletter which gathers all important events and initiatives in the field of UN activities and to expand your knowledge while watching the educational films prepared by us presenting, among others, the subject of humanitarian missions and the history of people taking part in these demanding undertakings.


We also encourage you to take part in many events and meetings prepared by us, as they are a great opportunity to personally engage in solving the problems of today's world.

What do we do as part of this program?

  • production of short educational films aimed at spreading knowledge about the structure and history of the United Nations as well as the role of Poland in this important organization

  • Meet the diplomat - a series of meetings, interviews, video recordings and talks with former and current representatives of the Republic of Poland at the UN 

  • Monthly newsletter describing the most current events in the world that the UN is talking about

  • Monthly interviews and talks about current international issues and the role of Poland in a given issue

  • Workshops in schools and others about the role of Poland in the UN and the importance of this institution in the world

  • Organization of various types of debates, conferences and expert panels