Poland 3D: Debate, Dialogue, Diplomacy

As Adam Mickiewicz wrote, "nothing more lusty and nothing more difficult on earth, like a real conversation." As part of the flagship program of the United Nations Association Poland, we create space for conversation, dialogue and debate. We believe that conversation or dialogue is not only the best way to solve the biggest disputes or problems but also something improves people's relationships.

Poland 3D, or Poland: Debate, Dialogue, Diplomacy is a project which aims to show the great importance of both public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy for Poland's position on the international arena. That is where its name came from. First of all, we assume that introducing any kind of policy must start with a debate - dialogue about certain ideas in a larger or smaller group. That is why this aspect of the program will be represented by small meetings, during which we will discuss key topics for the role of Poland in the United Nations and others. 

Dialogue is something more: it is social deliberation, it is already a certain action. The dialogue component will therefore consist of online activity - infographics, articles or Q & A sessions. We believe that thanks to a medium such as Facebook or Instagram we will be able to reach a much wider audience. Diplomacy will consist, firstly, of meetings with Polish and foreign diplomats and persons involved in the Polish participation in UN agencies, and, secondly, the widest promotion of this role.


In addition to the above activities, as part of the Poland 3D program, we invite you to a monthly discussion club, where the most important and interesting issues will be addressed randing from international politics or global security to sustainable development or technology. Each discussion evening is open to everyone and begins with the short introduction by a special guest - an expert or in a given theme. After the introduction, we will give the floor to all guests who have arrived, so that they can engage in the ad debate in an organized and semi formal way, share knowledge and insights to show that dialogue and discussion make sense.


In addition, we cordially invite you to participate in our annual civil dialogue forum as well as other workshops, seminars and debates as part of the Poland 3D program.

What do we do as part of this program?

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