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Democracy and Human Rights

"Democracy and Human Rights" is a program that aims to spread knowledge about the activities of the United Nations in the field of protection of democracy and human rights. Freedom, respect for the prerogatives of everyone and the principle of periodic and law-abiding elections are the basic elements of effective democracy. In return, it creates a natural environment for the protection and cultivation of just treatment due to every human being. All values ​​guiding civil liberties are included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is the main foundation of our program.

The implementation of statutory assumptions of the program assumes the education of young people in the scope of the above mentioned values, through measures such as lectures, programs and activities in social media. In order to increase the reach and reception of our activities, United Nations Association Poland also strives to establish cooperation with institutions and associations that share the objectives of the "Democracy and Human Rights" program.

As part of the cooperation, United Nations Association Poland offers promotion of related ideas and projects through mass media such as social media and marketing communication tools, including website, or sharing advertising materials. All interested parties in our activities are welcome to contact us.


What do we do as part of this program?

  1. Broadening and sharing the importance of democracy and fundamental human rights (specified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) among Polish society,

  2. Promotion of civic activity among adults, children and young people

  3. Active support for civil society and initiatives characterized by the ability to self-organize 

  4. Promoting activities, social campaigns, organizations and institutions that support activities for the benefit of equal treatment and respect for the rights of everyone, which are also consistent with our assumptions

  5. Cooperation with institutions that share the objectives of the "Democracy and Human Rights" program.