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Agenda 2030: Poland for the Sustainable Development Goals

Although our civilization is at a high level of technological development, many countries are still struggling to meet the most basic needs of citizens, such as access to food, drinking water or education. There are significant socio-economic inequalities between the countries of particular continents, which unfortunately makes the term 'Third World' in the 21st century largely relevant


In 2015, a United Nations General Assembly Resolution proposed 17 sustainable development objectives covering 5 areas: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. This resolution was signed by 193 UN member states and is somewhat a continuation of the Millennium Development Goals. The program aims, among others to: eradicate poverty and hunger in the world, provide all people with good quality of life and education, gender equality, environmental protection and responsible consumption.


Contrary to appearances, also in Poland there are areas which we should work on. We believe that the key to development is to build a conscious and active civil society through education and mutual understanding. Our task is to promote sustainable development and encourage active participation in the debate on the socio-economic problems of our country. Through workshops, social campaigns and other activities, we want to draw the attention of the Polish society to the most pressing problems of our time and the interrelations between them and to awaken empathy and willingness to cooperate on solutions. 


Only through cooperation can we actually strive to develop and improve the quality of life in Poland, which is why education and understanding are so important.

What do we do as part of this program?

  • We prepare activities for children and adults alike in the form of a fun and brainstorm like sessions

  • We organize interdisciplinary conferences in order to comprehensively broaden knowledge and develop strategies for sustainable development of Poland;

  • We run workshops encouraging teachers to promote the value of civil society and addressing the problems of sustainable development in schools

  • We arrange discussion meetings with the participation of experts dealing with the issues of sustainable development in Poland

  • We examine and research the level of awareness regarding particular socio-economic problems in Poland

  • We create media campaigns promoting the idea of civil society and activating the inhabitants of our country

  • We work with other organizations whose priority is broadly understood development and improving the quality of life in Poland


We are constantly developing and we are open to new proposals!